Questions to Ask All Home Remodeling Contractors

Home remodeling contractors receive a lot of calls a year. These calls range from adding some extra space in your home to redesigning a bedroom into a dream room. So when calling a contractor, You should begin with 15 to 20 minutes conversation. During this conversation, you should ask three basic questions to the remodeling contractor: where what and how much.

The days when any contractor was best at doing any type of job are long dead. The one good at everything tends to be the master of nothing. So before you finalize a contractor, it is necessary to ask a few questions to make sure that a face to face meeting will be the time well spent.

1. Do you work in my area?

Most of the home remodeling contractors have restrictions based on travel time. They prefer to work in a limited geographical area, in this case central Ohio, which typically means easy delivery and faster response time. Working in a limited area also means better customer service. If the contractor does not work in your area, you should consider asking him for a recommendation for another contractor that works in your area.

2. Do you specialize in my project?

Before calling a contractor, make notes about the short description of your project. For instance, how do you want to remodel your bedroom or how do you intend to remove some structural walls? Not every contractor is proficient in dealing with the relocation of load bearing walls. So discuss the matter with him and make sure that your project is something they can work on.

3. Can you complete the project on time?

This is not an easy question for the home remodeling contractors to answer because the speed of the project depends on your decisions. Some homeowners can make decisions quickly while some others need time to think. If you are at the beginning of the project, it may be many weeks before the permits and plans are ready.

After asking all these questions, you may find it easy now to look for the best contractor. So what are you waiting for? Make a call now.

Bouquets will never be the same …


Every bride needs a stunning bouquet to throw at the end of ceremony and conclude the event of a wedding and start the new life, below I would be discussing some of the tips and methods to create inexpensive bouquets and wedding items.

Instead of buying ready-made bouquets it’s much more fun and cost effective to make one yourself for your wedding and add a personal touch to the tradition. Here’s how!

Instead of buying bouquets can visit different local nurseries to buy inexpensive flows of different colors. It is better to choose the complementing colors for the flows that would add a vibrancy and uniqueness to the flowers. Red roses with white lilies is considered to be the best combination.

After you have purchased the flowers it is time to move on to choose the fabric to tie the flowers together for that purpose you can choose any of your old silk dresses or unused clothes. Cut small strips from the cloth and use them to tie around the flowers to give them a large and unique look.

For the rest of the supplies you can visit a dollar store and get the tape, adhesive, fragrances and other requirements of a bouquet at about $1 to $2, rest is up to your imagination search some ideas on Google or see old photographs of your parent’s wedding to add a family twist to the proceedings.

Adhering to these simple tips you can save hundreds of dollars on your wedding without compromising on the visual impact of a classic and beautiful bouquet, let the horses of your imagination run free and guide you to what would be the best fit for your dress.

Sewing the best way to relax mind and body



Different people have different hobbies and passions in their life but what I have discovered to be the most relaxing thing in the world besides traveling is to sit comfortably in a chair and let my finger wander on cloth and thread to create breathtaking pieces.

swI have always found sewing a great way to relax my mind and body and let my soul wander the different fears, questions and desires that puzzle me throughout the day. Sewing provides an opportunity to create art along with having the opportunity to relax and enjoy the nature.

Sitting in the gardens, hearing the birds chirp and listening to that soothing sound of needle going through the cloth is the most amazing feeling in the world. The contentment and peace that it provides is difficult to explain in words.

For those that feel that sewing requires a lot of learning and very deft skills are sadly mistaken to enjoy sewing all you need is to have the passion to create and have the ability to enjoy your own company. If you check all these boxes then you are good to take sewing as a hobby like me.

Initially just learn the proper technique to make stitches in the cloth and proper way of handling the tools, you can do these by simply using several resources available online.

After you have learned the proper manner of handling your tools all you need to do is let your imagination take control and guide you. For inspiration you can choose nature, birds or any other subject that excites you. With these tools you would be easily able to master the art of sewing along with the ability to create some masterpieces that can earn you a bit of money as well.

Ohio has one of the most modern art galleries in the world !


Ohio is considered to be heaven for hikers with its beautiful topography and amazing scenic locations the visitors would be thrilled beyond belief and would be able to find a sense of tranquility that is incomparable.

Along with the natural beauty Ohio also holds a wealth of historic structures and monuments that can provide the visitors a great insight in how their forefathers lived and made greater opportunities for coming generations, one of the places that really inspired me in that regard was Stan Hywet Hall, with its sprawling gardens and beautiful ancient structure the place holds a key figure in the history of Ohio.

Stan Hywet Hall

If you are an art fan like me, you won’t be disappointed either. Ohio’s Aronoff Centre for design is one of the most modern art galleries in the world. Along with classics the place hold some futuristic arts and crafts that would provide you with a sense of unseen connection to the past.

Aronoff Centre

Ohio is filled with natural beauty and man-made wonders that give this place a sense of charm that is hard to find in any other place on planet earth. Ease of travel also adds to the attraction and beauty of the city, it’s always said that to find great gems an explorer must dive deep, but in Ohio’s case the gems are lying on the surface to be discovered.

A great place to visit if you are on a tight budget and the classic cuisine would leave you with unsettling fragrances to make your stomach rumble in anticipation.